What do web design and development services cost?

Everybody's first question is either 'how much will it cost' or 'what's your hourly rate' to design or develop a web site suitable for a small business. And the answer is 'it depends on what you want'.

Immediately below, you'll find details and pricing for three web site packages that we offer. These packages do not include advanced features like databases, e-commerce, or our D-I-Y maintenance feature. If a custom design with advanced features such as those is what you need, please consider our custom web sites information below.

Website package features

A package takes care of everything you need to be 'up and running'. Just supply the site content, and we'll take care of the rest. Every halfadot package includes the following:

Available website packages

We currently offer the following three all-inclusive website plans:

Bronze - US $350: a 3-page site for a simple internet presence. Complete with the features listed above, and the add-ons listed below, and ready to work for you.

Silver - US $425: a 6-page site that can provide more information about you, your company, or your products. Complete with the features listed above, and the add-ons listed below, and ready to work for you.

Gold - US $500: a 10-page site providing a strong internet presence that can give your visitors and customers a great deal of information about your business.Complete with the features listed above, and the add-ons listed below, and ready to work for you.

And after a year, renew the domain registration and website hosting for under $100 and continue to enjoy the benefits from your halfadot-designed web site.

And there's more!

And in addition to what's described above, each halfadot package includes a number of other features that are included for the same low prices shown above.

Please complete this form to provide and receive more details about the web site design and hosting package of your choice.

About custom web site pricing

Our business philosophy is that it's got to be fair for both you and us. With the exception of continuing contract work like web site updates/maintenance, all of our prices are fixed - a pre-agreed price for a pre-agreed product or quantity of service. And we agree on both of those before work begins. That's fair for both you and us. You'll know just what you're going to get and just how much you'll pay for it. Just quoting an hourly rate isn't a lot of good if you don't know whether we can do what you want in 15 minutes or 15 hours. That's why we quote a price for a complete job.

Web site design is charged at a fixed price. And the price varies depending on just how big your site is going to be; how much additional graphic design we need to do for you; what third-party services you might need; and a host of other factors.

The best way to start is to ask us for an estimate. No obligation and free. Please choose the appropriate request form from the listing at left. We'll give you a cost estimate - and if that's of interest, we can refine the price to match your needs.

After the estimate

The more information you can provide, the more accurate our initial estimate will be. Nonetheless, it is only an estimate. Typically, our response will include a request for clarification and/or additional information so that we can precisely develop a quotation for the work requested.

Our objective is to provide a firm quotation for an agreed definition of services and scope - no surprises either for you or us.

Closing thoughts about costs

Why would you hire someone to work on your web site? Surely it's not that difficult, so why not do-it-yourself?

And even if you don't want to do it yourself, maybe you know a friend or neighbour or someone like Cousin Bob who can it do for you. But let's be honest about this. Cheap web sites look like ... cheap web sites. And if your customers think you were cheap with your web site, what will they wonder about your products or service??

Assuming that you don't want to do it yourself (or let cousin Bob do it) and you would like a free estimate, please choose the appropriate request form from the sidebar menu.

What you do best is your business - spend your time at that. What we do best is producing a web site that works for your business - that's our business, so ask us for an estimate. We're looking forward to working together.

"Our pricing reflects the
quality of our work

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