Building your web site

The development of your web site proceeds in stages. We work together to produce the final site that you want. And, since it's a business arrangement we require periodic payments as we reach various stages of the development work. At any stage in this process you can ask us to stop work, or negotiate additional work for you.

Step 1

First, based on the information that you have provided, we both decide on a full scope and price for the work - and agree to it, using a simple form of agreement that's appropriate for the work to be done. It will spell out your expectations and ours - since the development of your web site is a co-operative effort by both of us. For simple work, we use a simple agreement based on this example. Once we both understand what you get for your money, and we expect of each other .. we're off and running.

Step 2

Based on the suggestions you have made on colours and navigation, we proceed to develop a single 'dummy page' that shows how your web site can look. At this stage, there is no true content provided. There is time for modifications to the look of this page in terms of its general layout, etc. but typically we would expect only a few iterations of this 'dummy page' concept before we both agree that it is close enough to proceed. And yes, you can make minor changes later.

Once this look is accepted, we typically require a payment of 30% of the agreed amount in order to continue work.

Step 3

The next step is to develop more pages for your web site, complete with links, etc. Now you begin to see how it will all come together, and what will have been completed is your web site 'skeleton'. Every page is there, all linked with proper navigation as well as e-mail links, feedback pages, etc. You can 'test drive' your site to see what needs to be done to it before the real content is added.

Once this overall look and feel is accepted, we need a payment of a further 30% of the agreed amount in order to continue work.

Step 4

Then we add the content you have provided to your web site. Your text, your images, etc. until your web site is virtually finished. Some minor 'fine-tuning' will still be required, based on your comments.

We need a payment of a further 30% of the agreed amount in order to continue work.

Step 5

Further fine-tuning continues until you are satisfied that the web site looks and works the way we agreed, and that your content is properly presented. The final payment of 10% is then due.

During the development of your web site, the work in progress can be seen on a restricted access section of the halfadot smallwebs site at any time.

Final steps

As soon as your final payment for the web site design is received, the access protection will be removed. This allows anybody to visit your site immediately, and without restriction. Your site will remain resident on our server for up to one month.

We will e-mail you all of the files that make up your web site, and you will receive our multi-page documentation package that explains how you can edit/modify your site yourself.

If you prefer, we can transfer the entire content of your site to your chosen web host, or arrange proper hosting and site set-up for you for nominal charges.

... and beyond

For the first month after final payment, you are entitled to up to one hour's work by us to make changes to the site. If you need a change, it can generally be completed within one or two days of your request.

After the one month free maintenance period is up, you can choose a maintenance contract from us to take care of all the site maintenance, or a limited amount - your choice.

For the first three months after receipt of your final payment, we will correct - for free - any problems resulting from our code.