Help sites

One of the 'great' things about the Internet is the number of help sites you can find. On the topic of help with web site design, we've made our own contributions to 'help'.

Each of the sites described below can be viewed (in a new browser window) example sites open in new window by clicking the logo displayed.

php for beginners

learning resourceA series of tutorials intended to introduce beginners to the server scripting language php and also to using server databases. The tutorials focus on making small working applications, and were prepared as part of halfadot's contribution to the co-operative web forum at The link opposite takes you to the tutorials mirrored at halfadot.

php script packages

free php script packagesA series of free php script packages which can be added to any web site. Simple, self-contained, scripts with complete download and installation help, all user-configurable to match site design.

DigitalMidget also serves as the halfadot server-side scripting and database site.

Speed Matters

speed mattersA help site dealing with issues of page size, image size and compression, and multiple tips for webmasters needing a 'faster' site. And those are all important factors in developing a site with a pleasant visitor experience.

Shades of Grey

shades of greyA help site dealing with the use and meaning of colour as it relates to web site design. Explores the meaning and psychology of colour, and how colour schemes impact web sites.


basic help siteEverything you ever wanted to know about cut and paste - even if you had never used scissors and glue before. The prototypical 'new user' site, with over 120,000 visitors to date.


e-mail forms help siteDesigned directly to provide assistance to users of Bravenet's free e-mail form service, this help site provides simple instructions and examples on how to customise e-mail forms.